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White Spots on Projector Display Repair

Projector technologies are getting better. The images are becoming brighter, the colours more brilliant. Be it for corporate presentations, teaching tool, home entertainment, and religious events etc, the different technologies behind the making of the machines means that there will always be a perfect match for the situation.

DLP powered projectors are more in the low end to mid-range spectrum of the projectors in the market. Yet, they are popular because they produce clear and crisp images even in the low end range. However, there is a downside. The DLP that powers these are highly susceptible to heat. They start to develop silvery spots after about 4 years of usage. The chip responsible for this can not be repaired. But they can be replaced. Once replaced. The projector is given a new lease of life for another 4 to 5 years.
Service availability is nationwide

12 months warranty on parts and labour

No fix – no fee.There is no charge if we cannot repair your projector.
Local Drop-off point Nationwide
Insured Pick-up and delivery in The UK and Ireland.
Other services include repair of dimmed, blotches and discolouration of projected display

Overheating, noisy and whirring colour wheels
Non-booting projectors due to power failure or broken boards
and we also sell genuine projector lamps

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