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Specialist Projector Repair Service in Maltby

Boots failure, overheating, white spots, dull picture, discoloration, color wheel replacement, LCD, DMD, LED, Laser Diode & SXRD

Projector repair Service in Maltby for major projector make and models. Optoma, Barco, Promethean, Hitachi, Sanyo, Infocus, Benq, NEC, XIAOMI, XIGMI, Epson, and others. Our projector repair center is approved by major manufacturers. Enjoy long warranty after your repair.

Projector repair center in Maltby

Projector Repair and service in Maltby. Projector display problems. Damaged lenses due to accumulation of dust in lenses assembly, burnt LCD panels, broken colour wheel, etc.

Our repair services cover single chip full HD 1080 home theater projectors to 3 chip 4K and 4K+ DLP laser projectors. LCOS, LED, LCD and SXRD projectors. Acer, Barco, BenQ, Christie, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, InFocus, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Projectiondesign, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, ViewSonic, Vivitar, Vivitek. Xgimi, Xiaomi, etc.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Color wheels can sometime explode as a result of friction caused by accumulated dust and soot. Also sudden shock can cause the color wheel to break up. When any of these anomalies are noticed, it is time to seek for professional help.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

White spots on Projector display

The DLP that powers these are highly susceptible to heat. They start to develop silvery spots after about 4 years of usage. The chip responsible for this can not be repaired. But they can be replaced.

White spots on Projector display Maltby

Discolouration and Dull Projector Image

A number of issues can lead to dull, dimmed, discolouration or blotches on projector’s image. Damaged lenses due to accumulation of dust inside the lens assembly. The discoloration may leave the machine with yellow, pink or green colour.

Discolouration, Dull or Blotches on Projected Image

Free Collection and Free Evaluation

In this uncertain times of Covid-19, we aim to ensure that you continue to enjoy your multimedia setup with free collection and free pre-repair evaluation. free maintenance cleaning of fans, filters and vents. No fix – no fee.

Projector Repair in Maltby

Excessive heat and smoke can result in projector failure or damage to the optic assembly.

Let projectorrepair.uk help you. Our projector repair service operates on a No Fix – No Fee basis. We can guarantee you 100% solution to all electronic faults.

We offer free diagnostic + fixed and predictable repair fee per incidence type, such as; broken projector fan, broken color wheel, ballast repair, overheating issue, burnt LCD assembly replacement, white spots on display repair.

Are you experiencing blurry images from your projector? Is it overheating or noisy? Lack of maintenance could be reponsible. Clogged filters and air vents will cause overheating. This may result in early failure of components in the projector. Preventative maintenance preempts the likelihood of breakdowns.

White Spots on Projector Screen

Repair Service for all Projectors Make and Models.

  • White dots on projector screen repair

  • Vertical lines on projector screen

  • Horizontal lines on projector screen

  • Blotches on projected image

Broken Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Broken colour wheel? Buzzing noise? If your projector uses a colour or two and you are experiencing these symptoms, projectorrepair.uk can help you. Pick-up and delivery are free. Moreover, we also give 3 months warranty after repair.

We support all technologies such as LCD, DLP, LED, SXRD and LCos projectors by Acer, Barco, BenQ, Christie, Epson, InFocus, JVC, Optoma, Panasonic, Projectiondesign, Samsung, Sanyo, SIM2, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Vivitek, Xiaomi, etc

Projector Repairs With Warranty
in Maltby

We are independent projector repair & maintenance specialist.
We combine component level diagnostics and repair where safety and quality is guaranteed with PCB replacement where it is economical enough.

Our projector repair service covers all popular projector manufacturer make and models such as; Acer, Barco, BenQ, Christie, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, InFocus, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Promethean, Philips Electronics, , Pioneer, Projectiondesign, Proxima , Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, ViewSonic, Vivitar and Vivitek. Xgimi, Xiaomi, etc

Projector Maintenance

Blocked vents and clogged fans prevent cool air from reaching vital parts of your projectors. When this happens, heat builds up. This provokes DMD chip burnout. Ballast burnout and various other issues with your projector.

Regular maintenance ensures regular cleaning of the cooling system; intake and exhaust fans, air filters and air ducts. LCD Projector light engine cleaning including; mirrors, condenser and polarizers. Lens cleaning, inputs ports testing, etc

Projector Lamps & Mounts
Avail of free lamp fitting when you buy your projector lamp from us.

We have over 12,000 original and replacement projector lamps at discount prices for most manufacturers such as 3M, Acer, Proxima, Barco, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Christie, Dell, Digital Projection, Dream Vision, Dukane, EIKI, Elmo, Epson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, JVC, IBM, iiyama, InFocus, InFocus ScreenPlay, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips Electronics, Projectiondesign, Proxima, Samsung, Sanyo, SIM2 Multimedia, Sony, Toshiba, ViewSonic, Vivitar, Vivitek, XEROX, Yamaha and many