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Independent projector repair & maintenance specialist. We combine component level diagnostics and repair where safety and quality is guaranteed with PCB replacement where it is economical enough.
Our repair services cover single chip full HD 1080 home theater projectors to 3 chip 4K and 4K+ DLP laser projectors. LCOS, LED, and LCD projectors.

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Blocked vents and clogged fans prevent cool air from reaching vital parts of your projectors. When this happens, heat builds up. This provokes DMD chip burnout. Ballast burnout and various other issues with your projector.
Regular maintenance ensures regular cleaning of the cooling system; intake and exhaust fans, air filters and air ducts. LCD Projector light engine cleaning including; mirrors, condenser and polarizers. Lens cleaning, inputs ports testing, etc

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Free lamp fitting when you buy your projector lamp from us. We have over 12,000 original and replacement projector lamps at discount prices for most manufacturers such as Acer, Barco, BenQ, CTX, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, iiyama, InFocus, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Panasonic Home Projector, Philips, Pioneer, Proxima , Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, ViewSonic, Vivitar and Vivitek.

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DLP & LCOS Projector Repairs

All DLP projectors display images using DMD chips that fail after about 3 to 5 years depending on usage history. When these chips fail, you may notice snowy spots on projected images. it will start with a few spots, images will gradually degrade until the whole screen gets covered with these silvery spots.

We as certified independent projector repair company provide professional repair service for issue ranging from white spots on projected image to fan error, lamp error, banding, lenses replacement, LCD block replacement and many more. We have wide ranging experience with all make and models of projectors.

Try out our service now. Book your repair using the form below. Collection and delivery are free.

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LCD, LED & Lasers Projector Repairs

Is your projector working erratically? Does it shut down after complaining of overheating? Your projector boots and then goes off within minutes? In the projector noisy or making whirring sounds? These are repairable issues that may happen to an LCOS, Laser, LED, LCD as well as DLP projectors.

A number of issues can provoke any of these anomalies, broken fans, burnt motherboards, power supply units, or lamp ballast, expired lamps, broken lamp blower fan, intake or exhaust fan, broken colour wheel, etc.

When these happen, contact us. We will organize the pick-up. Our service is nationwide. Evaluation is free as well. After the evaluation, we will give you an estimate for the repair. The repair will only proceed at your say-so.

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Projector Repairs Other Common Issues

Blurry images, bleeding, shimmering yellow or purple on your screen? Blue, or dark blobs in the center of you screen? Regular pixel pattern on projected image? These are some of the ills that you may notice with your LCD projectors. When dust and soot on LCD panel are heated, the panels tend to burn. Depending on which of the panel is burnt, you may be left with any combination of colours.

When this happens, get in touch. We are able to replace the affected panel where it is feasible, the Polaroid glasses, or replace the complete block to give you a crystal clear image after the repair.

With us, evaluation is free, ditto collection and return. If your projector is not fixed, you have nothing to pay.

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Projector Repair Service

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