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Projector Maintenance

Projectors both big and small do need regular maintenance in other to prevent breakdowns. The level of maintenance will depend mainly on the level of usage.

Projectors that are in use on daily basis would generally need a more regular maintenance as opposed to a projector that only gets used a few times in a month.

Major reason for downtime can be attributed to the following factors.
Broken connection
Burnt out components such as DLP chips, LCD Panels, intake and exhaust fans, colour wheels and power supplies.

Since these fault are preventable, it surely pays to ensure that your projectors are given regular maintenance.

Use the booking for to enquire after our projector maintenance fee schedule

12 months warranty on parts and labour
No fix – no fee.There is no charge if we cannot repair your machine.
Local Drop-off point Nationwide
Insured Pick-up and delivery in The UK and Ireland.

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