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Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Projector Color wheels are one of the most vulnerable component in a DLP projector. A number of things can happen to the colour wheel. Most especially noise due to wobbling. Also, colour wheels tend to get clogged up with dust and soot when in use in a dusty and smokey environment such as bars and restaurants. Too much dust and soot often leads to breakage of the segments.

A dusty colour wheel inevitably lead to degradation of the quality of the projected image. While a breakage of a segment or more will translate to loss of the broken color. Color wheel with broken segment will also become noisy with whirring or clanging noise.

Color wheels can sometime explode as a result of friction caused by accumulated dust and soot. Also sudden shock can cause the color wheel to break up. When any of these anomalies are noticed, it is time to seek for professional help.

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