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15 March 2021 support


Philips Screeneo projector repair; White dots on projector screen – missing pixels, Screeneo projector fan fail error, projector not turning on and lamp replacement.

Repair and maintenance for all medium and high-end Philips projector models

Philips PicoPix Max, Philips PicoPix Max One, Philips Screeneo 2.0, Philips Screeneo S4, Philips Screeneo S6 4K, Philips Screeneo U3, Philips Screeneo HDP1590, Philips Screeneo HDP2510, Philips Screeneo HDP3550

[vc_tta_accordion active_section=”1″ collapsible_all=”true” title=”OPTOMA PROJECTOR ERROR CODES”][vc_tta_section title=”PHILIPS PROJECTOR ERROR CODES” tab_id=”1615324836700-d3e850fc-9dbc7953-66b7″]

The projector cannot be turned on Disconnect and connect the power supply cable and try to turn it on again.
The projector cannot be turned off Push the B button longer than ten seconds. If it does not work, disconnect the power supply cable.
No sound Check that the speaker is activated (see Sound settings, page 26)Adjust the volume using the VOLUME buttons
No sound from the external connected device Check the cables to the external device.Check that the sound is activated on the external device.Only the original cables from the device manufacturer may function.
No sound from external HDMI output device Set the audio setting to Multichannel (Raw data) & Stereo (PCM).
No sound when you connect your computer via HDMI cable Check that the sound is activated on the computer.
Video display problem when the source is a 3D signal from a Blu-ray player Check that the 3D mode is activated on the projector (see 3D settings, page 26)If the Blu-ray player is connected to the projector via HDMI, use any of the HDMI sockets.
Only the initial screen appears and not the image from the external device Check if the cables are connected to the right sockets. Check that the external device is turned on. Check if the video output of the external device is turned on.Check that the HDMI source selected on the user interface corresponds to HDMI connector where the external device is connected.
Only the initial screen appears and not the image from the connected computer Check that the VGA-output of the computer is turned on.Check if the resolution of the computer is set to 1920*1080 (for VGA-connection) or 1080P for (HDMI-connection)
The device turns itself off When the device is running for a long periodof time, the surface becomes hot and a warn-ing symbol appears on the projection (seeInitial operation, page 11). The device auto-matically turns off when it gets too hot. Afterthe device has cooled down, you can con-tinue playback.•Check that the power cable is connected cor-rectly.•Check the sleep mode status in the settingmenu. When the sleep mode is activated, thedevice turn off after the programmed dura-tion.
Bad image or colour quality when connectingwith HDMI Use the supplied HDMI cable. Third-partycables may cause signal distortions
The device cannot read the USB stick The device does not support the exFAT filesystem.•Format the USB key in FAT format, then use it.
The projector does not react to remote controlcommands The projector does not react to remote controlcommands

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