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1 March 2021 support


We repair all Infocus projector models for various uses, such as; classroom projectors, home multimedia projectors, business and enterprise level presentation projectors and projectors for places of worship.

Repair and maintenance support for wide range of Infocus projector models

InFocus Genesis IN112AA, InFocus Genesis IN112BB, InFocus Genesis IN114AA, InFocus Genesis IN114BB, InFocus Genesis IN114BBST, InFocus Genesis IN116AA, InFocus Genesis IN116BB, InFocus Genesis IN116BBST, InFocus Genesis IN118AA, InFocus Genesis IN118BB InFocus Genesis IN118BBST, InFocus Genesis IN119AA, InFocus Genesis IN119BB, InFocus IN10*, InFocus IN1100*, InFocus IN1102*, InFocus IN1110*, InFocus IN1110a*, InFocus IN1112*, InFocus IN1112a*, InFocus IN1116*, InFocus IN1116LC*, InFocus IN1118HD*, InFocus IN1118HDLC*, InFocus IN1124*, InFocus IN1126*, InFocus IN112a*, InFocus IN112v*, InFocus IN112x*, InFocus IN112xa, InFocus IN116x*, InFocus IN116xa, InFocus IN116xv, InFocus IN1188HD, InFocus IN119HDG, InFocus IN119HDx*, InFocus IN119HDxa*, InFocus IN12*, InFocus IN122a*, InFocus IN124*, InFocus IN124a*, InFocus IN124ST*, InFocus IN124STa*, InFocus IN124STx*, InFocus IN124x*, InFocus IN126*, InFocus IN126a*, InFocus IN126STa*, InFocus IN126STx*, InFocus IN126x*, InFocus IN128HDSTx*, InFocus IN128HDx*, InFocus IN134, InFocus IN134ST, InFocus IN134UST*, InFocus IN136, InFocus IN136ST, InFocus IN136UST*, InFocus IN138HD, InFocus IN138HDST, InFocus IN146*, InFocus IN15*, InFocus IN1501*, InFocus IN1503*, InFocus IN2102*, InFocus IN2104*, InFocus IN2106*, InFocus IN2106EP*, InFocus IN2112*, InFocus IN2114*, InFocus IN2116*, InFocus IN2124*, InFocus IN2124a*, InFocus IN2124x*, InFocus IN2126*, InFocus IN2126a*, InFocus IN2126x*, InFocus IN2128HDa*, InFocus IN2128HDx*, InFocus IN2134, InFocus IN2136, InFocus IN2138HD, InFocus IN2139WU, InFocus IN24+*, InFocus IN3102*, InFocus IN3104*, InFocus IN3106*, InFocus IN3108*, InFocus IN3114*, InFocus IN3116*, InFocus IN3118HD*, InFocus IN3124*, InFocus IN3126*, InFocus IN3128HD*, InFocus IN3134a*, InFocus IN3136a*, InFocus IN3138HD*, InFocus IN3138HDa*, InFocus IN3144*, InFocus IN3146*, InFocus IN3148HD*, InFocus IN34*, InFocus IN35*, InFocus IN35W*, InFocus IN36*, InFocus IN37*, InFocus IN38*, InFocus IN3904*, InFocus IN3914*, InFocus IN3916*, InFocus IN3924*, InFocus IN3926*, InFocus IN42*, InFocus IN42+*, InFocus IN5102*, InFocus IN5104*, InFocus IN5106*, InFocus IN5108*, InFocus IN5110*, InFocus IN5122*, InFocus IN5124*, InFocus IN5132*, InFocus IN5134*, InFocus 5135*, InFocus IN5142*, InFocus IN5144a*, InFocus IN5145*, InFocus IN5148HD*, InFocus IN5302*, InFocus IN5304*, InFocus IN5312*, InFocus IN5312a*, InFocus IN5314*, InFocus IN5316HD*, InFocus IN5316HDa*, InFocus IN5318*, InFocus IN5504*, InFocus IN5542*, InFocus IN5544*, InFocus IN5552L*, InFocus IN5554L*, InFocus IN5555L*, InFocus INL144UST, InFocus INL146UST, InFocus INL148HDUST, InFocus INL3148HD, InFocus INL3149WU, InFocus LP120*, InFocus LP500*, InFocus LP600*, InFocus LP640*, InFocus LP70+*, InFocus LP850*, InFocus LP860*, InFocus ScreenPlay SP1081HD*, InFocus ScreenPlay SP2080HD*, InFocus XS1*

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Powering up Flashing OFF OFF
Powering/Cooling down Flashing OFF OFF
Overheating OFF OFF ON
T1 error 3 blinks 1 blinks OFF
Thermal break sensor error 4 blinks OFF OFF
G794 error 4 blinks 4 blinks OFF
Lamp failure 5 blinks OFF OFF
Ballast overheating 5 blinks 1 blinks OFF
Ballast circuit short 5 blinks 2 blinks OFF
Lamp end of life detected 5 blinks 3 blinks OFF
Lamp did not ignite 5 blinks 4 blinks OFF
Lamp extinguished during normal operation 5 blinks 5 blinks OFF
Lamp extinguished during power-up phase 5 blinks 6 blinks OFF
Lamp voltage too low 5 blinks 7 blinks OFF
Ballast failure 5 blinks 8 blinks OFF
Ballast communication failure 5 blinks 10 blinks OFF
Ballast overheating 5 blinks 11 blinks OFF
Restrike lamp failure 1 5 blinks 12 blinks OFF
Restrike lamp failure 2 5 blinks 13 blinks OFF
Lamp failure 1 5 blinks 14 blinks OFF
Lamp failure 2 5 blinks 15 blinks OFF
Fan 1 error 6 blinks 1 blinks OFF
Fan 2 error 6 blinks 2 blinks OFF
Fan 3 error 6 blinks 3 blinks OFF
Fan 4 error 6 blinks 4 blinks OFF
The projector case is open 7 blinks OFF OFF
DMD error 8 blinks OFF OFF
Color wheel error 9 blinks OFF OFF
In the event of an error, please disconnect the AC power cord and wait for one (1) minute before restarting LED
the projector. If the Power or Lamp LEDs are still blinking or any other situation that isn’t listed in the chart T
above , please contact InFocus Support. AMP