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1 March 2021 support


We repair all Christie projector models for various uses, such as; classroom projectors, home multimedia projectors, business and enterprise level presentation projectors and projectors for places of worship.

Our repair services cover issues such as Image processors, LCD panels, Projector lenses, Projector Light Engine,DMD replacement, Fans Replacement, Colour Wheel Replacement etc.

Repair and maintenance support for wide range of Christie projector technologies and features

UST Lens, zoom lens, short throw zoom lens, (WXGA) / 1.6-2.4 (WUXGA) Standard zoom lens, High Performance Zoom Lens, HB Zoom Lens, Short zoom lens, Lens medium zoom 1.9-3.8/1.5-3.0, Lens medium zoom 1.9-3.8/1.5-3.0, (WUXGA) Middle throw zoom, Fixed Lens, Anamorphic Conversion Lens, Wide Converter Lens (WCL), Roadie HB Lens, ILS Lens, HD Short Focal Lens, HD Long Focal, FLC Lens Adapter, High Contrast Lens, Portrait Display Adapter

Christie 4K10-HS, Christie 4K7-HS,Christie Boxer 2K20*, Christie Boxer 2K25*, Christie Boxer 2K30, Christie Boxer 30*, Christie Boxer 4K20*, Christie Boxer 4K30, Christie Captiva DHD400S*, Christie Captiva DHD410S, Christie Crimson HD31, Christie Crimson WU31, Christie D12HD-H Black*, Christie D12HD-H White*, Christie D12WU-H Black*, Christie D13HD-HS*, Christie D13HD2-HS, Christie D13WU-HS*, Christie D13WU2-HS, Christie D16HD-HS, Cristie D16WU-HS, Christie D20HD-HS, Christie D20WU-HS, Christie D4K2560*, Christie D4K3560*, Christie D4K40-RGB, Christie DHD1052-Q*, Christie DHD1075-GS, Christie DHD555-GS White*, Christie DHD600-G*, Christie DHD700-GS*, Christie DHD850-GS, Christie DHD851-Q Black*, Christie DHD851-Q White*, Christie DHD951-Q*, Christie DS+10K-M*, Christie DS+14K-M*, Christie DS+6K-M*, Christie DWU1052-Q*, Christie DWU1075-GS, Christie DWU555-GS*, Christie DWU599-GS Black*, Christie DWU600-G*, Christie DWU630-GS, Christie DWU700-GS*, Christie DWU850-GS Black, Christie DWU850-GS White, Christie DWU951-Q*, Christie DWX555-GS*, Christie DWX600-G*, Christie DWX851-Q Black*, Christie DWX951-Q*, Christie DWX951-Q White*, Christie DXG1051-Q*, Christie DXG1051-Q White*, Christie Griffyn 4K32-RGB, Christie HD10K-M*, Christie HD14K-M*, Christie HD6K-M*, Christie LW401*, Christie LW41*, Christie LW502*, Christie LW551i*, Christie LW651i-D Black*, Christie LW751i-D Black*, Christie LWU420*, Christie LWU502*, Christie LWU530-APS*, Christie LWU601i-D Black*, Christie LWU620i-D*, Christie LWU650-APS*, Christie LWU701i-D Black*, Christie LWU701i-D White*, Christie LWU755-DS, Christie LWU900-DS, Christie LX801i-D Black*, Christie Mirage 304K, Christie Mirage SST, Christie Roadie 4K45*, Christie Roadie HD+35K*, Christie Roadster HD10K-M*, Christie Roadster HD14K-M*, Christie Roadster HD16K-J*, Christie Roadster HD20K-J*, Christie Roadster S+10K-M*, Christie Roadster S+22K-J*, Christie Roadster WU12K-M*, Christie Roadster WU14K-M*, Christie Roadster WU20K-J*, Christie WU12K-M*, Christie WU14K-M*, Christie WU7K-M*, Christie WX10K-M*, Christie WX7K-M*

Genuine Christie Projector Lamps

Christie Projectors
System Error Codes
12 Software error. Contact dealer/factory.
13 CRC error in flash ROM. Download new software.
14 Engineering-only programming is complete. Call Christie, replace TIPM.
15 Attempting to download s/w code without being in boot mode R
16 Invalid interrupt. Power off/on. If persists, contact dealer/factory. R
17 User has forced system to stay in boot mode ED
18 Attempting to program boot mode without jumper
1E External 3D Input Sync missing. Refer to Troubleshoot.
1F External 3D Input Sync is wrong. Refer to Troubleshoot.
20 The lamp is unexpectedly on (likely a ballast and/or wiring problem)
21 Lamp airflow is low; overheating imminent
23 Cannot read valid ballast ID
26 Lamp door is open, or lamp is not installed (interlock)
27 Lamp cannot ignite
28 Lamp has turned off unexpectedly
29 Lamp ballast is overheated
2D Unknown or invalid Ballast ID, usually caused by faulty ballast cable or faulty ballast.
46 Red DMD heat sink has overheated
47 Green DMD heat sink has overheated
48 Blue DMD heat sink has overheated
49 Prism has overheated (not applicable to Roadster S+12K)
4C Projector has shut down due to critical error
C0 Lamp cannot ignite due to blower failure
C7 TIPM is approaching the over-temperature threshold. Used on 1900 and 2400 ballast models only.
53 Card cage fan failed (Fan 3) NOTE: may be connected as fan 4 or 5
54 LVPS fan failed fan failed (Fan 4) NOTE: may be connected as fan 3 or 5
55 Exhaust fan failed (Fan 5) NOTE: may be connected as fan 3 or 4
56 Prism fan failed (Fan 6)
57 Red DMD fan failed (Fan 7)
TIPM (10-bit Image Processor)
60 Boot code CRC failed
61 Unable to program DigMux PLD
62 Unable to program Control PLD
63 Unable to program Bubks PLD
64 Unrecognized ROM type
65 Write to flash ROM failed
66 General TIPM failure
67 Downloaded code will not fit into ROMs
68 Communication failure with scalar on TIPM
Keypad and EEPROM
70 Unable to access EEPROM on the built-in keypad
71 EEPROM memory on the built-in keypad has reinitialized
80 Unrecognized Panel Driver
81 Unable to program device on Panel Driver
82 TI flash download failure
83 TI flash download failure
84 TI flash download failure
85 TI – I C white failure
86 One or more Formatters is not responding — probable Formatter s/w fault
87 Formatter reports consecutive RDRAM failures
88 Red modular Formatter communication failure
89 Green modular Formatter communication failure
8A Blue modular Formatter communication failure
A0 Unable to program the optional interface module
A1 Unable to power the optional interface module
A2 Unable to program the Dual Slot Backplane Module (DSBP)
A3 Unable to program the warping module option (Christie TWIST)
If you encounter a system error, clear it with
powering it off and on again (cooling if necessary). Contact dealer/factory if error persists.
The specific code number identifies the source of the error detected, and is
particularly useful in cases where the projector is too far away to read the
accompanying text message in the LCD status display window. For example, the
code “21” means the lamp could not be turned on. Error codes for this projector are
listed in Table 3.4. ED

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