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1 March 2021 support

BenQ Projector Repair

BenQ projector repair service. Dust in lens, BenQ speckles on image or spots on image – missing pixels or white spots, BenQ overheating, BenQ color wheel repair

We repair all BenQ projector models for various uses, such as; classroom projectors, home multimedia projectors, business and enterprise level presentation projectors and projectors for places of worship.

Repair and maintenance support for wide range of BenQ projector technologies and features

Genuine BenQ Projector Lamps

We also stock genuine lamps for various BenQ projector models… If your projector is not listed below, do a search in the shop page or give us a call.

BenQ CH100*B, BenQ DX808STB, BenQ EH600B, BenQ EW600B, BenQ EW800STB, BenQ EX600B, BenQ EX800STB, BenQ GS2B, BenQ GV1B, BenQ HT1070*, BenQ HT1075*B, BenQ HT1085ST*B, BenQ HT2050*B, BenQ HT2050AB, BenQ HT2150STB, BenQ HT2550*B, BenQ HT3050*B, BenQ HT3550B, BenQ HT3550iB, BenQ HT4050*, BenQ HT5550B, BenQ HT8060B, BenQ HT9060B, BenQ LH710B, BenQ LH720B, BenQ LH770B, BenQ LH890USTB, BenQ LH890USTD*B, BenQ LH930B, BenQ LK952, BenQ LK953STB, BenQ LK970B, BenQ LK990B, BenQ LU710B, BenQ LU785B, BenQ LU9235B, BenQ LU930B, BenQ LU950B, BenQ LU951STB, BenQ LU9715, BenQ LU9915B, BenQ LW720B, BenQ LW820STB, BenQ LW890USTB, BenQ LX720, BenQ LX770B, BenQ LX890USTB, BenQ MH530FHDB, BenQ MH535A*B, BenQ MH535FHD*B, BenQ MH550B, BenQ MH733B, BenQ MH741*B, BenQ MH750*B, BenQ MH760, BenQ MS524*B, BenQ MS524A*B, BenQ MS524AE*B, BenQ MS535AB, BenQ MS536B, BenQ MU607B, BenQ MU613B, BenQ MU641B, BenQ MW526A*B, BenQ MW526AE*, BenQ MW535AB, BenQ MW560B, BenQ MW571*B, BenQ MW605B, BenQ MW605wB, BenQ MW612B, BenQ MW632STB, BenQ MW705*B, BenQ MW707B, BenQ MW732, BenQ MW769*B, BenQ MW811ST*B, BenQ MW826STB, BenQ MW843UST*B, BenQ MW855UST*B, BenQ MW855UST+B, BenQ MX525*B, BenQ MX528E*B, BenQ MX570*B, BenQ MX604, BenQ MX604wB, BenQ MX611B, BenQ MX631ST*B, BenQ MX707B, BenQ MX723*, BenQ MX731B, BenQ MX808STB, BenQ MX819ST*B, BenQ MX825STB, BenQ PU9730*B, BenQ PW9620*B, BenQ PX9230B, BenQ SH940*B, BenQ SH960*B, BenQ SH963*, BenQ SU765B, BenQ SU922*B, BenQ SU931*B, BenQ SW921*B, BenQ SX765B, BenQ SX920*B, BenQ SX930*B, BenQ TH585B, BenQ TH670*B, BenQ TH671ST, BenQ TH685B, BenQ TH685iB, BenQ TK700STiB, BenQ TK800*B, BenQ TK800MB, BenQ TK810B, BenQ TK850B, BenQ TK850iB, BenQ W5700B, BenQ X1300i


When the projector is in a normal state
Power Temp Lamp Status & Description
Orange OFF OFF Stand-by mode
Green Flashing OFF OFF Powering up
Green OFF OFF Normal operation
Orange Flashing OFF OFF The projector needs 90 seconds to cool down as it wasabnormally shut down without the normal cooling downprocess.The projector needs to cool for 90 seconds after the poweris turned off.
When the projector is in an abnormal state
Power Temp Lamp Status & Description
Off Off Red The lamp has been damaged. Please contact your local BenQcustomer center for purchasing a new lamp.
Off Off Red flashing The lamp is not properly attached.The lamp has been damaged. Please contact your local BenQ customer center for purchasing a new lamp
Red Red Off The projector has shut down
Red Red flashing Off The fans are not working. automatically. If you try to re-
Red Green Off start the projector, it will shut
Red Green flashing Off down again.
Green Red Off The internal temperature is too high.The intake ventilation or the exhaust ventilation is blocked.The projector may be in a poorly ventilated location.The ambient temperature may be too high.

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